Want To Ask Her Out On A Date? 8 Worst Pickup Lines You Mustn’t Use

To keep up with maintaining one’s changing relationship status is more challenging than braving to take up the task watching one more season of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Before you take notes from Robert Greene’s, The Art of Seduction to beat her under the sheets and turn her into your slave, take a close look at the worst pickup lines you shouldn’t be saying to the lady of your dreams.

Want To Ask Her Out On A Date? 8 Worst Pickup Lines You Mustn’t Use

Worst Pickup Line #1You’re 99% angel 1% evil. Would you go out with me?”

Best advice: And you are 100% lame and 0% witty to come up with an intelligent pickup line. Instead of saying lame shit like that, be as honest as you can. Even a simple pickup line like, ‘I really like you, can we go out for coffee?’ can score you a great date.

Pick up line shared by Rishika Goyal, 23, Pearl Graduate, Delhi.

Worst Pickup Line #2 “Do you want to know what my porn star name is? T. Rex.”

Best advice: Dearest dumbass, do you admit, you have tiny arms, then why will you call yourself a T-Rex?  Modern women admire funny and witty men, not an indecent jerk. You can say something like, ‘We both are fun together; would you go out for a movie with me?’

Pick up line shared by Davison Aimee, 23, American YouTuber

Worst Pickup Line #3 “You know why I am like a squirrel? Cause I want to bury my n*ts in you.”

Best advice: That’s my dear is one of the most perverted pick-up line you could ever use! If you liked what Arnold said to Izzy in She’s Funny That Way“In central park for an instance some people like to feed nuts to the squirrels but if it make someone happy to feed squirrels to the nuts who am I to say nuts to the squirrels”, then what you must understand is that squirrels are not sexy and to talk about one’s n*ts is not sexy at all.

Pick up line shared by Samidha Verma, 28, Writer, Mumbai.

 Worst Pickup Line #4 “You are very balanced. I would like you to call me when you get home.”

Best advice: To the guy who said that really stupid pickup line to me once when I was traveling in a train (and the ones who are like him)! If you can’t handle a woman’s madness, you are not worth her time or affection. To like a woman, you need to like her every move and mood and mood swings too. What could you have said to me, to make me feel tad interested in you? “I really enjoy talking to you. Would you like to go out with me so we can talk all day long?” PS:  I love conversations!

Pick up line shared by Devika Ohri (Yes, that’s me!), 29, FHM India, Delhi.

 Worst Pickup Line #5 “Hi, I am (blah-blah-blah) I put the a-a-a, in Goa!”

Best advice: Really? No girl likes to go out with a guy who talks like that. There is a way you can woo a girl and that is by being the most fun person around. So, saying, ‘Hi, I am (your name), I put the whoa-aa-aa, in Goa!’ as you show off your hot dance moves is 100 times better than making a total ass of yourself by saying anything weird.

Pick up line shared by Rachel Mathias, 23, Mumbai.

 Worst Pickup Line #6 “You have a lovely name, reminds me of Michael Jackson”

Best advice: That line explains you have the worst sense of humour. You must stop taking dating advice from that “group of popular guys in college”. Start speaking to your girl-friends and learn from them some tips on how to break ice when speaking to the girl of your dreams.

Pick up line shared by Michelle Johnson, 27, Delhi.

Worst Pickup Line #7 “I want you to be the girl who takes my virginity.”

Best advice: #CreepAlert If you are going to act like you are a real-life Salman Khan and forever virgin, you are never going to have any action.

Pick up line shared by Kirti Malhotra, 23, Chandigarh. Read more Worst Pickup Lines You Mustn’t Use..


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